OTXO Here We Go! Blood Noir Top-Down Shooter Blasts onto PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Lock and load! Super Rare Games and Lateralis Heavy Industries are bringing their Hotline Miami-esque top-down shooter OTXO to PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch on March 28. Following its release on PC, OTXO has been described as “Finally… a successor to Hotline Miami” by Raycevik,  “a beautiful bloodbath that just feels great to play” by God is a Geek and “the Noir, Blood Drenched Child of Hotline Miami and John Wick” by Vice.

Descending into a dark and mysterious mansion as a nameless protagonist on a vicious quest to rescue their lost love, players will find themselves mercilessly blasting through hordes of enemies, mastering powerful weapons and upgrading their loadout with roguelike progression. As the walls are stained red throughout the mansion, players will unveil hidden secrets, and maybe even their own forgotten past. 

With the massive variety of weapons, over 100 abilities to unlock, a unique slow-motion Focus mechanic, and a mansion that changes every time you restart a run, each murderous rampage through OTXO is different.


◼ TONS OF REPLAYABILITY: OTXO will take the player through 8 areas with a randomly laid out selection of rooms out of the over 150 hand-crafted rooms built in the game. No two runs of the game will be the same.

◼ CUSTOMISATION: Find the setup that’ll help you break the cycle from a whole selection of unlockable weapons and over 100 acquirable abilities from the game’s enigmatic bartender.

◼ PLAYSTYLE: With the slow-mo mechanic, Focus, at your disposal OTXO will make the player feel powerful and in control. However, be careful because the variety of enemy types thrown in your way can quickly turn the tides of the combat if you don’t adapt accordingly.

◼ SOUNDTRACK: Fully immerse yourself into the brutal noir-esque murder ballet through the gritty pulse pumping soundtrack composed by the developer himself.