The Outlast Trial’s Insane Asylum Gets a Toxic Shock Next Week With the First Limited-Time Event Since 1.0 Release.

Red Barrels, the Montréal-based studio, is thrilled to announce that The Outlast Trials has captivated over 2 million players across PC, Xbox, and PS5 since its Early Access launch. Marking one month of adrenaline-fueled horror, the studio is launching its first limited-time event, Toxic Shock, along with a special accolades trailer as a token of gratitude to its growing community. 

Celebrating Success with Blood, Sweat, and Cheers

As The Outlast Trials marks its first month out of Early Access, over 2 million test subjects have braved the Trials. Together, players have been marked by countless fatalities and extraordinary bloodshed, with over 38 million deaths and enough blood spilled to submerge NYC’s Central Park under a two-meter-deep sea of blood. 

Despite the grim odds, an impressive over 600,000 participants have fought their way to freedom and became Reborn. Be prepared for what’s next: new trials and nightmarish foes are on the horizon, ready to test your mettle in unimaginable ways.

Toxic Shock: A Deadly Challenge Awaits

From April 16 to May 7, 2024, The Outlast Trials will introduce Toxic Shock, a new realm of terror featuring:

  • Time Limited Program “Toxic Shock”: An experiment in the symbiotic action of chemically-induced pain and permanent damage.
  •  New Variator: Toxic Shock – The Trial environment sporadically fills with toxic gas, inflicting permanent damage. Hide to stay alive.
  •  New Secondary Objective: Collect The Rats –  Recover all the drugged rats within the Trial for tissue analysis. Fulfill the objective for additional rewards.
  • Complete Trials in this time-limited program to earn exclusive Toxic Shock Rewards.
  • Uncover the secrets of Toxic Shock by locating new evidence documents scattered throughout the Trials
  •  …and many quality-of-life improvements —  look for Patch Notes on April 16

Looking Ahead: Justice, Sabotage, and Beyond

In the coming weeks, players can look forward to new Mk-Challenges:

  • Tilt The Scales of Justice – A test of moral and strategic might against the backdrop of corruption. Can real evidence of false crimes outweigh the power of corrupting wealth? Load the scales of Lady Justice and observe.
  • Sabotage the Factory – A daring mission to halt the sinister operations of the Murkoff Corporation. Murkoff controls the means of production; use the emergency breaks to shut down the factory.

The Journey Continues

With the unwavering gaze of Murkoff upon every participant, Red Barrels remains committed to evolving the game based on player feedback. The upcoming update will introduce enhancements designed to enrich the gaming experience further, including adjustments to the program structures for smoother progression through the trials.

“Listening closely to our players has always been at the heart of what we do at Red Barrels. It’s players’ feedback that lights the way, guiding us on how to refine and elevate the game to the pinnacle of horror gaming experiences,” shares Alex Charbonneau, Game Director, emphasizing the team’s commitment to evolving the game alongside its community. “We’re dedicated to fine-tuning the game, to deliver a game that is not only horrifying and thrilling but also deeply immersive. Our vision is to create a multiplayer experience that continues to captivate and terrify players for years to come.” 

As we look to the horizon, The Outlast Trials promises even more terror and excitement with the debut of Season 1, introducing new modes, enemies, rewards, and events.

Stay tuned, and prepare to face your fears.