Brutal brawler with more than one million players gets even more up close and personal.

Paint the Town Red VRthe first-person brawler with sandbox combat levels and a massive roguelite mode downloaded by more than one million players from South East Games, knocks out the competition on Steam VR, PlayStation VR2, and Meta Quest 2|3|Pro today. 

Step into a wide array of environments, where every object is a weapon and every enemy is a fully destructible voxel obstacle. Tear through makeshift fighting arenas coloring the walls crimson and standing victorious amongst the wreckage.

Carve a path of dizzying destruction and make a lasting impression across a variety of era specific, action-ready locations, including rowdy bars, chaotic clubs, and perilous penitentiaries. Send fists flying and rain down blows with anything that isn’t bolted down. Annihilate violent vandals with stabs, kicks, and slices that send limbs flying with dynamic voxel gore and blood splatter.  

Turn brutality into an art form with a ludicrously expansive arsenal of weapons like ashtrays, pool cues, and giant ham legs, or stick with the classics and engage in bare-knuckle brawling. Knock out enemies even more efficiently with the new dual-wielding ability, fortifying fighters with twice the options for chaotic carnage across three distinct game modes. 

Fight solo in the sandbox-style Scenarios mode, with dozens of modifiers to drastically customize the experience, or flatten wave after wave of encroaching enemies in the increasingly difficult Arena mode. Those looking for a larger experience filled with otherworldly creatures and environmental storytelling can descend into Beneath, the massive roguelite mode. Solve puzzles, gain upgrades, master magical abilities and battle monstrous Elder bosses to survive the horrors underground.

“Following the success of the original Paint the Town Red, we knew making a fast-paced, intense VR version was the obvious next step and would appeal to VR action fans everywhere,” said Matthew Carr, Co-founder of South East Games. “The ability to attack from any angle paired with the feedback of the voxel-based damage feels amazing in VR. We’re excited to see a new range of players get creative with their carnage.”

Paint the Town Red VR is available now on Quest 2, 3 and Pro for $19.99, PlayStation VR2 for $19.99 with a discount for existing PlayStation owners of Paint the Town Red, and on Steam VR as a $9.99 add-on DLC. The original version of Paint the Town Red is available for $19.99 on Nintendo SwitchXbox Series X|SPlayStation 5Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, in addition to Steam for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

For more information, please visit Paint the Town Red’s official website, follow South East Games on Twitter, and search #PTTR or #PaintTheTownRed.