Ukrainian developers Piggy Games have revealed their first upcoming title, Hoglands.

Hoglands is inspired by games such as Kingdom: Two Crowns, Until We Die and Tails of Iron. The action takes place in the kingdom of pigs suffering from a terrible disease that turns everyone into dangerous creatures. You will take control of a noble pig, who is trying to save the survivors, and unraveling the cause of all the misfortunes. Key features include

  • Recruit workers and soldiers, give them orders and assign them to work. 
  • Build fortifications, develop your base and research new technologies. 
  • Arrange raids to destroy sources of plague and collect rare resources. 
  • Equip the main character and get new abilities that will help you in an unequal struggle. 
  • The game has a dynamic change in the time of day, depending on which the game balance will shift in one direction or another. 
  • Make sacrifices to the evil gods, they will repay you with gifts and blessings. 

You can add Hoglands to your Steam wishlist here. Be sure to take a look at the trailer and give us your thoughts in the comment section below.