Pokemon Go Fest

Pokemon Go Fest

Pokemon Mania Returns??

Who’d of thought it’s been nearly 12months since the launch of Pokémon Go, and the craze that made everyone go PokeCrazy, whilst greatly reduced, is still going strong. To celebrate this, the folks over at Niantic Labs are planning a huge event. Events are to be scheduled around the world, but the biggest will be Pokémon Go Fest taking place in Chicago on July 22nd. There aren’t many details about the event just yet other than that it will take place in the city’s Grant Park.

For those in the US who can’t make it to Chicago, Niantic says there will be a number of related events across the country. Additional Pokémon go celebrations will take place across Europe from June through September. The company also teased “Pikachu Outbreak” — an event happening in Yokohama, Japan in August where they will be testing a “unique Pokémon Go experience.” And lastly, Niantic announced Solstice Event, an in-game event running from June 13th through June 20th that, among other bonuses, will include increased encounter rates for certain Pokémon.

Niantic and the Pokémon Company have launched a few in-game events in the past,  and it’s not unreasonable to expect some changes to be introduced for the anniversary. Pokémon Go has been downloaded over 750million times, and while the games popularity has waned, it still holds strong at around the 65million active user base mark. (holy smokes, that’s the population of England).

A fan of Pokémon Go? Will you be participating in this summers landmark? Let me know down below, gaming geeks. 😀

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