As if Resident Evil 7 wasn’t scary enough, Capcom have revealed that Volume 2 of the Banned Footage DLC is now available for PlayStation 4 owners.

This new DLC is available now for £11.99 and is also included for those who purchased either the Deluxe Edition or Season Pass. Daughters is the main feature of Volume 2, where it a deeper look at the Baker family’s life before the tragic events of Resident Evil 7.

Also included is “21,” where players will need to gamble with their own life in a deadly game with Lucas Baker. An extra gameplay mode titled “Jack’s 55th Birthday” provides a race against the clock as players serve up the Daddy of the family, Jack Baker, with tons of treats for his special celebration. This section of the DLC is unfortunately not supported by PlayStation VR.

Both volumes will be available to all players to purchase on all platforms next week, February 21st. This spring will also see the release of the free ‘Not a Hero’ DLC, which introduces players to a new separate storyline away from Ethan’s saga in the main game.

Are you currently enjoying Resident Evil 7? I’ve been too scared to carry on my PSVR playthrough but of course, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.