So much Rage yet so fun!

999 is a puzzle platformer style game in which you must fling your character to the exit through 999 difficult levels. Throw your character around gruelingly addictive, funky, psychedelic, colourful and thrillingly rage-enduing levels and get as far as you can.  You can purchase 999 here via Steam.

999 Is an unforgiving puzzle platformer with a great range of mechanics and too many levels. The controls of 999 are a classic case of easy to learn hard to master using your mouse to aim and drag away from your character to change the power of your jump.

Each level offer new challenges and even after 163 level on my nine hour stream each and every level felt unique, and in that stream I did learn that this game is not for the easily annoyed or those prone to “gamer rage” because “Boy” even my patience was wearing thin and I’m patient.

Many of 999’s levels have clever and or humorous titles and layouts to boot and even if you don’t get some of the references or jokes with 999 levels your find something that makes you smile or frown.

And if 999 lives just isn’t enough for your 999 levels you can make your way thought free play mode without the fear of game over, Alongside this is ULTIMATE TIMED mode for the more competitive and hardened putting you vs all 999 level with only 999 lives with the goal of getting the best clear time while adding an extra ten second for every death and taking a minute off your time for getting those elusive evilly placed stars.

As well as avoiding death via spikes, bottomless pits and other evil obstacles some levels will need you to collect keys, press buttons, trigger switch and even invert gravity adding complexity at later levels and really hitting hard with the puzzle side of 999 what blocks to break when and risking it for a star or not really start to put pressure on your finite life supply and stress level but when you hit that exit it is oh so sweet.

Just one more level..

Just one more…