Building on the award-winning original*, Comet Crash 2 is packed with a new campaign, online and offline multiplayer, and solo or cooperative gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

*The award-winning original Comet Crash is a fantastic combination of Action, Tower Defence and Strategy with you controlling a spaceship that builds towers to defend your base and deploys troops to attack your foes.

With Comet Crash on PS3 Reminding us that Tower defence and strategy games can work on consoles and “I challenge you to comet crash!” Been my catchphrase I was over joyed with the announcement on a sequel.

With a fresh art style and new sound track by Bluetech Comet Crash then sticks to the first games core gameplay and controls and this is a good thing (If it’s not broke don’t fix it)

Flying your ship around the battlefield pulling asteroids towards you buildings to be broken down into materials, Placing turrets, bombers, lasers and pulsars setting up harvesters and doing research are a few of the things your been doing and planning in a game of comet crash, But on top of that you need to be finding weakness in your foes base ,planning your own attack against them and fixing any weakness in your own base. This is partly thanks to comet crash been a strategy game without fog of war.

You can see what your opponents are up to at all times, your enemy might have all basic ops buildings creating air units you can then build extra anti air or punish their over spending by attacking their base with your own buildings, Another unique mechanic in comet crash,  Building combat is a battle of quick hands and financial investment is it worth paying for all these repairs just to remove two buildings from a base of twenty, how much do I need this choke point? Do I want map control or a larger attacking force? Strategy fans buy it, buy it now.

Comet Crash 2 offers a variety of way to play with the Campaign having 54 levels along with online vs and co-op, I for one will be trying to climb the online leaders boards once they become populated. I can not wait to try a few of my old strategies and learn some new ones from my opponents.

The campaign does a great job of teaching you the ins and outs of each building and unit with a steady introduction of both as you complete missions, So starting here before going into online battles is a good move, as online you have access to everything and for new players it could be overwhelming. It also teaches you the important of mazing and planning ahead along with every asteroid that fly’s over the battle field been a valuable source of thorium that is needed to build buildings, do research and upgrade.

With twenty maps on launch for PvP and New maps planned with community involvement you can not only leave your mark on the leader broads but maybe contribute to future content as well.

 A PlayStation 4 Review Code was provided by TriplePointPR