For the Hordes!

Devil May Cry the next chapter in Capcoms hit hack and slash will have you hunting hundreds of demonic hordes in style. If you are familiar with the series then you know what to expect but anyone new may get a rude awakening to its difficulty.

Well it’s not on the same level as Dark Souls but still on the easier difficulty you may face hardship but that is down to experience. I’d highly advise anyone going in new to try the others first especially for the story and you will thouroughly enjoy them especially as they easily available now on the PS4.

Devil May Cry 5 takes place five years after the events of Devil May Cry 4. Nero now has his own demon hunting van set up but due to losing something important to him is forced back into the otherworld to fight among new allies who share the same purpose to take down the demon who is out for blood. The amazing cinematics really set the tone of what is to come in Devil May Cry 5. Graphically it is the best one yet as it is the first main entry on PS4, the real world is mixed along grotesqueness whilst tentacles and demonic matter is littered along the burning and abolished streets.

If you miss playing as Dante then don’t be alarmed; Nero is every bit as badass as he with almost seemingly impossible stunts and a likeable but not too cocky attitude which I found myself very adapted to. You also get to play as Dante anyway and the newcomer character V so there is plenty of variety in terms of gameplay. Fighting demons in the masses are what the Devil May Cry series is all about and the fifth entry in the series is no different, it does just that and does it best and the ranking system along with the kick-ass soundtrack that changes depending on your performance, all welcome returns which made us fall in love with them. The difference, however, is the huge arsenal of weapons and ways to up the rank to the highest level has never felt so enjoyable as it does now.

Nero comes equipped with an array of different prosthetic arms which have special abilities which come with them depending on which one you have equipped, you can only take a certain amount into each mission although its possible to find more. Using each one for the first time is every bit as fun as the hundredth and combining them with the signature Red Queen Sword makes for some deadly combos. Combination is key and changing up your attacks and dispatching your foes in a timely manner will greatly increase your chance of the best rank at the end of the stage. You will be rewarded handsomely with Red Orbs that you find which you can spend on upgrades to new abilities, increase to health and replenishing your arsenal after each stage should you wish or need to.

The game’s pacing is gradual throughout giving you access to each character while giving you a chance to learn each character and their roster of abilities. V is the newcomer to the group and plays very differently to Nero and Dante in that he feels less destructive, but I would say he is the most unique out of the three; he kind of has an air about him which Dante and Nero lack in terms of how he plays but still works even in the fast paced demon hell hole which you exist; with this being said the availability of characters is what makes Devil May Cry 5 the most current in the series and gives it the biggest replay value.

Devil May Cry 5 has plenty of stages with many being longer than others while some have additional secrets to look out for. The game is stunning and the stages are well designed and most important is the camera never gets in the way whilst traversing or fighting. There are plenty of different and demonic creatures to dispose of with some of the largest bosses yet. While the first boss is easy they ramp up in difficulty quite quickly and the longevity of some bosses can cause you to die but with Golden Orbs you can easily negate this although buying these too often will increase the price of them quite quickly, grinding the early stages for Red Orbs is another way to learn everything before going forward to make life a little bit easier. Just be prepared for more loading screens as these make an appearance more often than not during and after stages even if you have just finished them.

Devil May Cry 5 has an evolving story that rarely feels shallow, staying true to the series it pushes it forward while introducing new characters and never compromising on gameplay especially since the gameplay is something that remains, for the most part, unchanged through the entire series. Its aesthetics remain intact while pushing forward looking for new ways to build on its bloody foundation. Devil May Cry 5 is a prime example of a game that strives to be good, to bring new while still being something that people won’t be fed up of in an instant.

A PlayStation 4 Review Code was provided by Capcom