“The Old Betsy Rod” See, I knew I’d be famous one day!

You’re the sheriff’s deputy, hope county is in crisis, a civil war looms, “The Father” and his psychotic cult followers of “Edens Gate” want to rule and run the land. Locals rebel, determined to fight back and overcome the odds, and with a little helping hand from yours truly, failure is not an option.

Read on as I explore hope county, catch some trout, and raise a little hell, Viva La Resistance!

Divided into three regions, with each ruled by a lieutenant of the Eden fanatics, liberate outposts, recruit guns for hire, and help citizens with quests. The aim is to make enough noise to become noticed enough to confront the leaders and reclaim the territory. How you achieve this is entirely up to you.

In order to do this you have to bring down cult shrines and silos, reclaim outposts, rescue resistance local members and build up the resistance points to gain an audience with the local lieutenant. These moments can be tense and will shed some background on the cult and what they represent.

A few inconsistencies in the story arc particularly with similar plot holes. Recurring parts of being captured, and then escaping can get tedious. You’d think after eliminating hundreds of cult followers,  why one of them didn’t shut up with the waffle and just blast a bullet in your brain, I’ll never know!

Or, why on earth did the deputy not call in the national guard? When it seems apparent a large scale crisis is looming! (It’ll all be fine,1 man and a dog can save the day!)

The story does seem to lack some direction, without really getting to the nitty-gritty of the in-game politics, religion. Despite having a clear religious presence and plenty of gun control, it’s like UBISOFT are trying to send a message (with subtle hints, here and there) without really knowing the message themselves. (Perhaps weary of rubbing some Americans up the wrong way.) It regularly beats around the bush so timidly, you’re really unsure if you’re reading more into it, than what was intended.

Back to Hope County and it brings many thrills and rather eccentric encounters. I’ve experienced helicopters falling out of the skies and actually demolishing a house. (A total WTF moment if any) to meeting a companion dog called bloomer. This furry friend will fetch weapons and alert you to danger. He even lets you pet him too! (Now there’s a good boy). The different approaches in strategy, having to adapt as the A.I throws wave after wave of fanatic terrorists at you, is often rewarding and intensely fun. Far Cry 5 remains very satisfying to play, if not more so than any other game in the series.

Interaction with the A.I characters, and exploration is what adds a lot of layers to a game already crammed with content. You can’t just scale the towers on the map and move on to the next point like in previous games. In Far Cry 5 your world is what you’ve explored, and not what you’ve climbed.

Guns feel responsive with an adequate amount of heft and weight while driving vehicles is a solid experience. The toys at your disposal are in abundance too. Access to bows and arrows, rocket launchers, even an armoured truck with some awesome guns called the death wish. The arsenal of weapons is certainly generous.

Then there’s an in-game map editor and the Far Cry Arcade modes give the game a customised depth that is really enjoyable. Play, share, and rate maps and levels created by gamers which in turn dish out points for perks and cash, usable in the story campaign. Playing in either co-op, solo, or multiplayer competitive maps, the potential for some crazy shootouts and extreme fun are on an immense scale. Each round is fast paced and a blast to experience if the map is spot on.

All these features go some way in maintaining the player’s interest. The farms, enemy encampments and familiar-looking forests would soon become tiresome if it were not for the creative methods and ways to enjoy said areas. As for the graphics you’ll be hard-pressed to find many better looking games in 2018, the detailed character models, expansive grasslands and reflections in the water make it a visual paradise.

Player Progression has seen a facelift with an in-game achievement system rewarding gamers. Giving a different experience to the bog standard perk trees/experience points. Completing challenges like kills with a certain weapon rewards perk points. The progression settings allow you to adjust your character as you wish to, providing the requirements are met. For a first in Far Cry, the crafting system is now gone, which no doubt sucks for those who enjoyed the animal hunting aspect of the series. The animal skins can still be sold on for money, though that kinda feels cruel and makes me feel guilty. (Least I won’t have PETA on my back)!

For me, the gameplay mechanics in Far Cry 5 is up there with some of the best shooters this gen. Technically impressive, with enjoyable shootouts and vehicle chases. Far Cry 5 indulges in blowing things up, and boy does it do this good.

FarCry 5 is out now for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4, A Review Copy was provided to us by Ubisoft.