Simple, yet fun

Little Witch Nobeta is a 3D action shooter game in which you play as the witch Nobeta as she traverses her way through a castle and accompanied by a little black cat, she tries to locate the throne within the castle.  

I had a good time playing Little Witch Nobeta, the gameplay and art style of the game is rather simplistic, yet I still found myself enjoying the game. There are many unique aspects that make the game stand out from others, for example, praying. In the castle, in order to save your game progress, you must locate statues where Nobeta can stop to pray. It is here that you also have the ability to unlock enhancements for your character and trading to unlock better items which I found to be an interesting way to build your character and make her stronger. However, a downside to this would be the castle itself. I constantly found myself getting terribly lost by going around in circles and ending up in parts of the castle I had already been in. Without a map to assist me in finding my way around the castle, finding these save points was sometimes rather challenging.  

Going back to the castle, I found the environment to be rather repetitive as the castle environment felt uninteresting after hours and hours of getting lost in it. Another aspect of the game I found to be somewhat uninteresting and repetitive after a while was fighting enemies. As you go further into the castle the enemies do get tougher, however I found that shooting ice at enemies over and over again left me slightly bored at times. Encountering new and harder enemies to defeat was enjoyable.  Lastly, when it comes to having more to do with defeating enemies, including more spells with different effects other than being glorified rifles, pistols and shotguns would have been an interesting concept. Fighting ghosts and demons with spells is a unique concept which kept me invested as I was determined to unlock all five spells the game has to offer. My favourite of which being the fire spell which acted as the aforementioned glorified shotgun. 

The graphics in Little Witch Nobeta were simplistic yet they worked well for this type of game. The enemies that you encounter in the game are especially impactful. The ghosts that lurk within the castle are creepy and sometimes difficult to beat as on some occasions, they had me running for my life when I was on low health. The boss fights in the game were also extremely enjoyable but what I really enjoyed during the boss fights was the music. For a simplistic game like Little Witch Nobeta, the music shouldn’t have been so good, but it stood out to be throughout the entire game. The music would often change in order to fit the theme of a new location or when a new danger would arise. When the player enters a darker place, the music would get darker alongside the location. Music is extremely effective as engaging a player in a new world and Little Witch Nobeta displays this greatly.