Insulting my sense of humour!

I’d like to think I have a relatively good sense of humour. I can have a laugh and can take or throw the odd insult at my friends like nobodies business. When Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator presented it to myself, I thought it was right up my street. I do know it is also available on tablets etc so I was interested to see how it would make the step up to the PlayStation 4. I was looking forward to a good laugh and just something I could not take as seriously as most other games these days. Laughing I did do…. but for all the wrong reasons.

Oh…Sir! This is Trash is what the game should have been called. OK, maybe I’m just being harsh but it really just didn’t do the job it was supposed to do, make me laugh or just make me believe that the insults were genuine. To sum it up basically, this Insult Simulator sees you against an opponent to see who can come up with the worst insult from a set of phrases given to you. Both you and your opponent have a health bar given to you and that will diminish based on how strong the insult is. If you can imagine Tekken but without fighting you’re throwing insults at each other, you basically have the idea of what this game is about.

As you go through each battle, this insult-em-up lets you create combos with the insults. The use of ‘and’ will allow you to create these combo insults, resulting in more health being taken from your opponent. You can also choose to have a ‘sip of tea’ twice in order to replace certain phrases with two backup phrases that you have locked away. If you choose ‘…’ as you are playing, it will then bring up more phrases, but you have to be beware that this can also give your opponent a much better chance of getting a better insult thrown at you. There is a tutorial that will explain all of this to you, but in all honesty, you’ll quickly pick it up after about 5 minutes.

You can play battles via the computer, local play with your friends or decide to insult the whole world as you take this game online but I honestly don’t see why you’d want to. This is a game that whilst it may be OK to play on an iPad or something similar for 10 minutes should never have made it across to the PlayStation 4.

The voice acting is actually funny how bland it really is. It’s honestly shocking, and they do not deliver any of the insults with any conviction. Perhaps the one good thing is that you can trade your insults in a variety of different locations, so it keeps it fresh. You do have to make sure that your insults make sense though, as the game will pick up on any bad grammar and let you know about it. Oh, and make sure if you’ve finished your insult, you end it with a big !!!! to just let the game know you’re ready to deliver this fatal insult!

That’s all there is to say about this rather, insultingly bad game. I wasn’t expecting the likes of South Park or Family Guy type of insults, but there could have been a lot worse than Your mother stinks like my old socks…. This really is a game that will be marmite, you’ll either chuckle harmlessly at it or like me, it’ll be deleted off your dashboard and never to see the light of day again.

A PlayStation 4 Review code was provided by Vile Monarch