At the MAGIC 2019 event a few days ago, Yu Suzuki unveiled gameplay footage of the upcoming third entry in the Shenmue series in what was a world premiere.


Shenmue has always been a game that’s divided opinion, I can see many positives in the trailer, the game itself certainly appeases fans who were worried if it would look like a Shenmue game as it ticks that box. The brief fighting mechanics shown are very reminiscent of the old system in the previous 2 games (an open world Virtua Fighter effectively) and Ryo’s facial animations & look seem far more on point than in previous teasers.

The only gripe I really had with the trailer was how cartoonish and plastic looking the NPC’s in the fight scenes are. For a game that prides itself on having an open world that offers a realistic and inspiring environment, then to make this truly believable the appearance of them has to improve considerably.

Shenmue III is only 5months away now and I’m sure more will be unveiled in the coming months. It’s the direct continuation of events from Shenmue II as Ryo’s quest for retribution of his father’s murderer continues.

Feel free to drop any gripes or compliments you may have of the trailer in the comment box below.