Remember that classic and addictive Snakes on the old mobiles? Well, the folks at have created a new game, inspired by the classic, Serpent Dash, which is now on Google Maps.

Serpent Dash allows players to guide a retro-inspired pixelated serpent through any worldwide location using street maps taken from Google.

Going retro, you’ll be invited to choose a postcode or pick from a list of pre-selected maps, that includes serpent-friendly hotspots such as London’s Mall, Manchester’s Canal Street, Birmingham’s Balti Triangle, and Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. Just like the classic game, players search for pixelated fruit around the streets of their chosen location, while trying to avoid dead ends or hazardous, tail-related crashes. Andrew Cartledge, Mobile Expert at stated:

In an age when people can play almost anything on their smartphones, it’s great to be able to offer people a retro gaming classic with a modern twist. Despite the fact smartphones can do just about anything these days, we recognise that many people miss some of the classic features that older handsets used to offer. We know the original game holds a place in many people’s hearts, so we hope Serpent Dash will tap into the public’s nostalgia for this much-loved classic, and get people talking!

You can play Serpent Dash here. Be sure to let us know what you think of this retro-style Google Maps thanks to Serpent Dash via the comment section below.