Rebellion have today announced the release of a new survival map in their latest sniping stealth title, Sniper Elite 5.

Entitled ‘Amongst the Rubble’, the new Survival Map is available free to all players as part of the latest title update while the new Concealed Target pack, which features a new pistol as well as character and weapon skins, is available as part of Season Pass One or as an individual purchase.

It will take you back via solo or co–op to the once beautiful city of Saint Nazaire. Now ravaged by war, it’s down to you and your teammates to defend the Command Post as you fight a seemingly never-ending streams of Nazis in the smoke-filled streets and ruins. Details on The Concealed Target Weapon and Skin pack were also revealed, which include

  • HS.22 pistol
  • Pea Dot Camo weapon skin
  • Ghillie Suit Elite character skin (Karl and Monika)

The authentic World War 2 Ghillie Suit Elite character skin (available for Karl and Monika) is designed to break up your visual silhouette allowing you to blend in with your surroundings for the ultimate stealthy approach. When paired with the Pea Dot Camo weapon skin it becomes particularly effective as you stalk your prey.

Meanwhile the covert HS.22 pistol features an integral suppressor which makes it practically silent. Firing .22 calibre rounds with almost no recoil, this sidearm is deadly and accurate.

Take a look at the new trailer and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.