Seven years ago one of my favourite Real time strategy games, StarCraft II was released and now it is free for everyone to enjoy.

StarCraft II is a master class in the genre and I whole heartily invite everyone to give it a go now that it is more accessible then ever before, Official explanation: Here

Be it for the fantastic story and campaign missions or some comp stomping in co-op starcraft offers a great many ways of getting your RTS on, And if competitive is your style after beating a few AI you can join the ranked ladder and see how you measure up against other newbies. And if your already a resident of the Koprulu Sector then check out all the multiplayer balances because it a big one (Bye bye mothership core).

One of my main focus since the update has been the new co-op commander Han and Horner And they are a lot of fun bringing even more new play styles to co-op I never knew I needed My barracks to fly and fire missiles until my barracks flew and fired missiles. So what are you waiting for? Download the game: here.

For those who haven’t sampled Starcraft II, here’s a trailer to wet your appetite before you download the game! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.