A new young commander is getting ready to join the ranks of Street Fighter V in Season 2, Capcom have today announced. Please welcome Ed to the scene!

Ed’s experimental body aged him beyond his years until he was ready for battle. Having been raised by Balrog, his fighting is centered on boxing, but Ed is enhanced by the Psycho Power carried within his genes from M. Bison. Use this power to perform special moves like the ‘Psycho Snatcher’ V-Skill, ‘Psycho Cannon’ V-Trigger and ‘Psycho Barrage’ critical art.

Season 2 Character Pass is available now for £24.99, giving players access to Akuma, Kolin and Ed in addition to 3 brand new fighters to be announced later this year. The pass comes with Premium Battle Costumes with colours 3-10 unlocked and default costume colors 3-10 for each character. Additionally, Season 2 Character Pass holders receive an exclusive PS4 theme.

Take a look at Ed’s trailer and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.