Next week sees the arrival of Styx Shardes of Darkness, a game that many people are looking forward to, and one that we’re hoping to bring a review to you soon. With that, Focus Home Interactive have a new trailer for us all.

Yes, the launch trailer has been released, giving players a glimpse of Styx’s abilities, quick acrobatics, and even quicker tongue! Here is an official plot description:

Styx’s latest adventure sees him making an unexpected deal with a mysterious human officer named Helledryn – and she’s got a job with far higher stakes than anything he’s tackled before. He must steal an ambassador’s scepter, which has attracted the interest of several nefarious (and goblin-hating) parties. As a reward for completing this dangerous mission, he’s promised a mountain of magical Amber, the source of Styx’s power and a substance he’s hopelessly addicted to. Of course, it’s not long until our green-skinned thief is stuck in a web of intrigue and assassination!

Let’s watch the launch trailer and we want you to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.