Survival: Fountain of Youththe single-player management survival game set in the 16th-century Caribbean islands from developer Odinsoft and publisher Twin Sails Interactive, sails towards 1.0 on PC via Steam and The Epic Games Store Tuesday,  May 21. The 1.0 launch will debut new content before coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later in 2024.

The 1.0 update will add the fifth and final region known as Bimini Island, a new ship that doubles as a fully mobile base called the Ark, the final boss battle, new quests, skills, recipes, and more.

Sail towards the untamed Caribbean as part of Juan Ponce de Leon’s legendary 16th-century expedition, in pursuit of the mythical Fountain of Youth. Shipwrecked and alone, use skill and wit to craft tools, weapons, traps, bases, rafts, and whatever else is necessary to tame the jungles and waves. Between the bone-bleaching heat, chilling nights, and the sinister predators lurking ‘neath undercurrents and leafy shadows, every ounce of an explorer’s mettle will be tested.