For those of you who don’t know, hot out of comic con 2017, is Telltale games huge summer announcement detailing a new season for 3 titles. These titles include “The Walking Dead” (Season 4, final season), “The Wolf among us 2”, and lastly “Batman the enemy within”.

There’s no exact release date; for the wolf among us 2 and the walking dead, just to expect they’ll release in 2018 and that they’ll launch for “all major gaming consoles and mobile gaming devices,” including Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, and iOS- and Android-based devices. Perhaps suspecting the inevitable questions about a Switch version, a press release notes, “Additional platforms are yet to be announced.”

“Batman Enemy Within” will retail the first episode this coming August, with the first episode being billed as “The Enigma”.

Telltale have just uploaded a trailer to their youtube channel which you can watch below.

But seriously THE WOLF AMONG US 2, OH MY FRIGGIN GOD. Fan boy rant over :D, which one out of the three are you most excited for? The culmination of Clementines Story? Perhaps you’re eager to continue cleaning up Gotham, and progressing the story Arc with Two face and co. Or maybe officer Bigby will get your vote as perhaps we’ll see just who Nerissa’s true identity is.