It’s probably a given that you’re into video games if you’re reading this. If you also like a good, funny book to go along with it, The 100 Best Video Games (that never existed) is the one you’ve been waiting for.

Written by the redoubtable Nate ‘Frog Croakley’ Crowley, it will be released this Wednesday. It follows his tweets where he would dream up an imaginary computer game for every favourite said tweet received. Crowley then found himself engaged in an epic quest to conjure up hundreds of entirely fictional titles.

All of this went viral of course, with prominent sites including Buzzfeed and Rock Paper Shotgun, at which point the author evolved the concept to include fan donations to the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). Speaking about the book, Nate Crowley himself stated:

Having done some initial work with the art team at Rebellion, I’m staggered by their level of talent and experience – I think they are really going to make this project shine. Being able to call on a small army of professional artists to draw my silliest ideas is a power I should never have been allowed to wield, but I will endeavour to use it wisely. I’m very grateful to all the folk who donated to ZSL in support of the original twitter project, and am happy to say a split of my proceeds will go directly to amphibian conservation. Let the games begin!

You can follow Nate’s latest tweets here. Be sure to let us know if you will be planning to pick up the book this month in the comment section below.