It was a busy week for Gun Interactive, beginning with the announcement of a release date for a new Map and Victim character for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and ending with the launch of a new Outfit pack DLC and the game’s participation in this year’s Spring Steam Sale.

From now until Thursday, March 21st, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be available for 50% off! And as of yesterday, players can now download a new Outfit pack for Victim character Danny, featuring an array of 70’s-inspired fits. 

Game Hype - Texas Chainsaw

As well, this week Gun confirmed that Virginia, the new Victim character based on none other than horror queen Barbara Crampton, will launch on March 28th—the same day that the new map, the Mill, will be made available.

On The Community Hub, the Gun team went into further detail regarding the character’s backstory:

“Virginia is a grief-stricken mother who cannot get over the disappearance of her son Jesse. She’s obsessive over his vanishing and refuses to believe that he could be gone. The weight of her pain is so immense she leaves behind her nursing career to move to Newt, TX, the last location Jesse was seen…”

Crampton provided voice-over work for the character, who was also based on her likeness. As a nurse, Virginia has unique abilities that allow her to detect Sissy’s flower powder, disorient enemies, and contaminate buckets of blood.

Game Hype - Texas Chainsaw

Virginia will be available for all players on March 28th, the same day that the new map, The Mill, goes live.

The Mill has a wildly different layout than currently available maps, with more verticality and four distinct levels, including a dry creekbed! Check out the trailer below, and be sure to join the conversations happening on the game’s official subreddit, r/TXChainSawGame, as well as on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.