NIS America have this evening revealed the release date for their upcoming RPG sequel, The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 will be released on March 30th exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Some of the key features in the game include:

  • Adapt to Your Surroundings – Switch between the Hundred Knight’s six Facets to turn the tide in battle! Gather Tochkas, the indispensable minions, to aid you in your exploration.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse – Execute Depletura to finish off enemies and replenish your GigaCalories! Trigger your Third Eye and unleash the full power of Hundred Knight for a brief time. Leave enemies to tremble before your boosted speed, power, and skills!
  • Temper Your Strength – Forge new weapons with items from the field at your base. Pass Witch Petitions; granting you access to new Tochkas and other benefits!

Take a look at the trailer and be sure to let us know if you’re looking forward to the sequel via the comment section below.