DRAGO entertainment Debuts New Gameplay Trailer for Story-Driven Sandbox Thriller, Winter Survival.

Winter Survival, the story-driven, sanity-testing sandbox survival game from developer DRAGO entertainment, endures a blistering battle against nature’s wrath on PC via Steam Early Access beginning Wednesday Feb. 28, 2024.

Separated from friends, survive an unforgiving winter tundra as apex predators prey on the lost humans, including a ravenous blood-thirsty bear. Explore the harsh surroundings, learn the lay of the land, use skill and wit as an inexperienced outdoorsman.

Create shelter and gather resources to endure the sub-zero temperatures. Maintain mental fortitude as hallucinations begin to appear and senses fail. 

Early Access will offer three different game modes to challenge amateur and adept survivalists. Uncover the secrets of an abandoned town and its people in Story Mode.

Endure the elements of an unpredictable winter in Coldwave Mode, and overcome a barrage of long-haul challenges by taking advantage of the surroundings in Endless Mode.

Check out the all new gameplay trailer debuting today, highlighting the enhanced visuals, model fidelity, and improved vistas gained in Winter Survival’s transition from Unreal Engine 4 to 5;