Two Point Studios have once again gone all spooky, but this time in the brilliant new education sim Two Point Campus. Available from October 20th to November 1st as a free update for all players on all formats with the Nintendo Switch version to release later this week, the event also includes lots of content that will be kept permanently after the Halloween hijinks are over, such as new items, swappable costumes, and new challenges to complete while you’re dodging the undead… and your homework. ​ 

Add a little pumpkin spice to your campus with a set of all new eerie items to decorate in ghoulish fashion. Two Point Campus’ local radio station has also been taken over with some spooktacular new tunes. Looking to celebrate with style? Don one of the new outfits available to students and staff. Admit it, seeing a werewolf, mummy, or zombie walking to class wouldn’t be the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in Two Point County. ​

Rounding out new additions, Two Point Campus’ Halloween update also adds an exciting new Challenge Mode, where you can revisit some of your favourite Campus levels and experience brand new trials and tribulations. Take on the Siege at Noblestead where you’ll join forces with Lord Blaggard to protect your campus from a groaning mob of the mindless and rancid (zombies, not students), or face off with Nefaria Munch who has taken over Spiffinmoore and transfigured the students into her perma-pumpkin-ed minions. ​ 

Two Point Campus is a charming university management simulator that lets you live out your dream of running your very own campus environment – complete with wild and wacky courses like spell-casting wizardry, dragon-slaying knight school, or top-secret spy school. Two Point Campus is available on PC, consoles, and on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC Game Pass. The game is on sale for the first time on PlayStation, Microsoft Store (PC) and Xbox, and Nintendo Switch for 20% off throughout the Halloween period. ​ ​ 

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