Tydecon Games are great friends with us at Game Hype and we really recommend you checking out their upcoming indie title, 999.

It is Dan’s (developer) 8th indie title and it is described as a very hard puzzle platformer. There are 999 puzzles that you’ll need to go through, so it is fair to say that this will keep you occupied for quite a while.

999 is looking fantastic and Dan has sent us over the official release date, which is set to 29th June, so that’s only a few short weeks before you can get your hands on this indie gem!

Take a look at the official release date trailer and be sure to let us know if 999 takes your fancy via the comment section below. Some levels may also be Game Hype orientated, so make sure you look out for that.

999 Final Trailer

The final trailer for 999 is HERE!!! After over a year of work, we can finally confirm that 999 will be available on Steam from 29th June! Stay tuned fore more and enjoy the trailer 😀

Slået op af Tydecon Games i 2. juni 2018