Wargaming Saint Petersburg have today released the first trailer for their upcoming title, World of Warships: Legends.

Custom-tailored for a console audience, the game will bring a unique experience and boasts a huge collection of historically accurate warships. Players will have to level the commanders up to make their fleet more effective, but also build a collection of these heroes so they can be used on several different ships with varying playstyles. Victor Kislyi, Founder and CEO of Wargaming stated:

The game has been built with console gamers in mind and to fit their needs. Battles are shorter and more action-packed with smaller teams. The UI has been specifically created to give the most player-friendly experience and the frontline of our engineering team has been hard at work completely overhauling the game engine making everything bigger, brighter and more shiny on consoles.

Take a look at the trailer and be sure to let us know your thoughts on the game (due out in 2019) via the comment section below.