Author: Daniel Scott

Cosmoteer – A Free Game Worth Your Time #3

Tweet Once again I’m editing spaceships for free but this time it feels like S.P.A.Z meets meaningful ship design and it is excellent. Meet Cosmoteer a “starship design, simulation, and battle game. Design a fleet of ships by laying out individual rooms and corridors, including cannons, lasers, shields, and thrusters. Battle other starships to earn bounties and use that money to expand your own ship. A dynamic crew and combat simulation makes every design decision important and interesting.” One thing that got me instantly with Cosmoteer is the reason it is free, Its a passion project and Walt Destler wants as many people as...

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Forged Battalion – Early Access Preview

Tweet As someone that has made a few mods and maps for RTS games I have lived the dream of editing my own faction and tinkering with units but now with Forged battalion that “tinkering” becomes the precursor to each match you play. Forged Battalion acts upon a idea that has been around for a while but has never become as popular as expected, Look at AOEII online,Rise of nations (R.I.P) but once again I have high hopes as I enjoyed the two now mentioned titles but they died sad confusing deaths. I’ll admit my eyes glazed over when the story...

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Review – DELL Inspiron 5675 Gaming PC

Tweet Starting at £619 the DELL Inspiron 5675 is a great plugin and play pc, ready in moments to play the latest titles. A subtle sleek design along with great performance and a great price tag has me hyped for how accessible pc gaming is becoming, The Inspiron looks fantastic and preformed above my expectations over multiple games. With a dark silver finish and blue internal light showing thought the vents around the case the Inspiron is a nice looking bit of kit (458.8 x 216 x 437.5 mm (H x W x D)). Setting up the Inspiron was easy with its range of USB...

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Review – Ultimate Chicken Horse (PS4)

Tweet Ultimate chicken horse is a party platformer all about getting to the finish line and having your opponents not, along with everyone editing the level after each round. As you expect this is harder than it sounds and is made harder by you and the people your playing with as after each round everyone has to decide if to make the level harder or easier and I’m sure you have already answered that. And if you like me, my brother and my father all make the level more difficult every single round the game goes from party platformer to “Why have we done...

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StarCraft II Now Free to play.

Tweet Seven years ago one of my favourite Real time strategy games, StarCraft II was released and now it is free for everyone to enjoy. StarCraft II is a master class in the genre and I whole heartily invite everyone to give it a go now that it is more accessible then ever before, Official explanation: Here Be it for the fantastic story and campaign missions or some comp stomping in co-op starcraft offers a great many ways of getting your RTS on, And if competitive is your style after beating a few AI you can join the ranked ladder and...

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