Pixel Game Maker MV allows you to create simple games without any programming knowledge.

Having used a few Third-party programming/game creation tools I can easily say after a day of use I am pleased to have Pixel Game Maker MV in my collection with-in minutes of installing the program has a character with basic collision and player-controlled movement all sorted you just paint the environment. (Below)

After following two more tutorials built into the engine I have a Transition between two game scenes and an “enemy”, At the moment I have no problem with the engine but these tutorials are not explaining much, Rather more bossing me about. The reason I have a problem with this is that the program is aimed at people that are not experienced, they need to know why the “Waiting” Action for a hostile is a “Moving” Motion. Lacklustre tutorials aside I can see that I could already make something fun with what I have learned so far. Also software like this will most likely get some community guides too.

Pushing around tanks by running into them?

After this I started to mess with random things and explore some interfaces I hadn’t yet looked at, It will take some getting used for anyone that starts with a new program especially one like this to but with some time and effort I can see people making platforming ideas something playable.

Iv spent a good many hours on the Pixel game makers sister program RPG MAKER and can happily say this is something completely different in a good way too, With a good amount of starting assets for those without art skills you can make something in a matter of moments but with some time making your own assets and tweaking the setting of the pre-made engine you will be able to create something unique, and with java plugin support those already into coding or game creation can change features of the program or even add brand new ones extending what can be created even more.

At £67.99 on steam that’s a great price for what is possible with just time and effort, using the flowchart system and the pre-made engine is easier than learning a coding language and Personally I find programs like this perfect for making a proof of concept in record time.