I’m one of those guys who likes to spend some downtime reading up on the awesome niche category that is fan theories. For years, people have been reading into some of the world’s best video games, movies, TV shows and books and looking deep into the cracks to see what many others may have missed. Some make perfect sense! Like the characters in Spongebob Squarepants all representing the seven deadly sins and Wall-E destroying the earth, and some not so much like Gandalf telling the fellowship to leave him with the Balrog so he could get all the loot and XP for himself……although in a way that does add up a little, I mean the sweet gear and abilities he had when he came back was OP’d as hell! And he may have put some points into persuasion but I’m getting off topic! But when it comes down to it some of the most intriguing ad thought out fan theories come from the great world of video games, with some even being confirmed or denied by developer. So grab your tin foil conspiracy hats everybody cause here’s 5 of my favourites!

Rinoa is Ultimecia – Final Fantasy 8
I could have easily gone with the typical ‘Squall is Dead’ theory but the one from Final Fantasy 8 that sticks out to me is that Rinoa Heartilly, the vibrant freedom fighter turned sorceress eventually becomes the games main villain Ultimecia. And when you think about it there is something so tragically romantic about this theory. As a sorceress, Rinoa has an extended lifespan, and having to watch her loved ones pass away one by one, and when Squall died it drove her insane with grief, forcing her to compress time in hopes to bring him back. There are points that back this up, such as her GF (Griever) having the same name as Squall’s ring he gives to Rinoa in the middle of the game which symbolises that even in death he is always be her ‘knight’, them having similar facial features in the ending FMV sequence and Rinoa and Ultimecia are the only two sorceresses in the game to have wings. Add this to words spoken by Rinoa, Ultimecia and Edea about not wanting the future, time escaping you and fighting through tragedy only strengthens this. If you need anymore proof, Ultimecia’s weapons in Dissidia have the same names as Rinoa’s in FF8, everything just points to this theory being true, however SquareEnix have gone on record and said this is in fact not true! But it does give an origin and more complexity to one of Final Fantasy’s most enigmatic antagonists.

The Great War – Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow
Ever wondered where all the men are? Throughout the first Pokémon titles, the lack of grown man, the fact that you have no father and your rival is an orphan, the crime syndicate known as Team Rocket running roughshod and the poor population are as plain as the nose on my face and that’s because the men and Pokémon of Kanto fought and died in a great war, whether this was with another region or a world war remains to be seen, but all the points that have been made over the years point to the fact that you may very well be the first generation in a post war era. Notably in the first gen of Pokémon titles there are two grown men of significance, Professor Oak who in all intense and purposes is a man of science who would have been kept of the front lines in order to invent and help Kanto advance on the battlefield or could be a survivor for all we know and possibly the biggest indicator Lt. Surge who before your gym battle with him at the Vermilion Gym claims that electric Pokémon saved him in the war. You also supposedly killed your rivals Raticate……you monster.

Mario has only been to the Mushroom Kingdom once! – Super Mario Series
Now we all know that out favourite plumber is a bit of a glory hog (just ask his brother!). this also fits in with another fan theory that states that Princess Peach has only really been kidnapped by Bowser once, and another one that the whole series itself is in fact a play. The theory in question dictates that after Mario first rescued Peach from the claws of Bowser the fame and fortune went to his head and has been trying to relive his glory for the past 30 years which to me, MAKES PERFECT SENSE! Because it’s the first game that seems to take place in some kind of reality, the titles that follow seem to have something staged about them. The 2nd game takes place entirely in a dream, the 3rd is heavily insinuated the be a stage show complete with a curtain at the beginning and a stage exit and some of the other greats appear to be some kind of TV show. The levels in Super Mario 64 are called ‘episodes’ and the unique mechanics in Sunshine, Galaxy and Odyssey are just spin offs all of which are based around our hero saving his love from the evil tyrant, and he is still trying to cash in on his glorious victory since.

The companion cube has a corpse inside – Portal
This one has been around for quite some time, and another one that has so much evidence pointing towards it. In the first portal game during chapter 17 Chell is introduced to the Companion Cube an inanimate object that she must keep with her in order to finish the trial. But for some reason Chell and even a lot of Portal fans became extremely attached to this, when Glados instructs her to throw the cube into an incinerator, Chell becomes hesitant. Well along your treacherous journey through Aperture Science there is some solid evidence that the Companion Cube houses a corpse. In chapter 17 you can find Rattman’s lair, among the unsettling noises and etchings, one of which reads ‘The weighted companion does speak’, the walls are also plastered with pictures of former Aperture employees with cubes covering their faces, possibly symbolising his deceased co-workers that have become Companion Cubes. To back this up Glados continues to tell you to disregard any advice that the cube should give to you along with calling it worthless and useless, which fits in with her view of humans, and when you finally do burn your companion you gain an achievement/trophy called ‘Fratricide’ which is the act of killing a sibling, suggesting that Chell’s brother or sister may very well have been in that crew. This is a haunting look into an already shady place and one reason why I feel the Portal franchise stands above the rest of Valve’s work.

The Virtuous Mission and Operation: Snake Eater are VR missions – Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
We all know what the Metal Gear Solid series is capable of, it’s the reason a lot of us have trust issues! So, it would be no surprise if the famed prequel of the franchise doesn’t actually take place in the 1960’s but is in fact a virtual simulation taking place after MGS 2. This makes sense for a few reasons, as it MGS 2 is eventually revealed to be a simulation, the theory gathers more steam when Major Zero is briefing Naked Snake about the Virtuous Mission, Snake mishears and asks, ‘Virtual mission?’ and if at any point in the game should you kill Ocelot, not only will the game end, Roy Campbell (who isn’t even in this game!) scolds you for creating a time paradox. Though this isn’t as rock solid its still an interesting view on a series that is always more than meets the eye.