Injustice 2 has been out in the world for over 2 months now, and has since received extremely favourable reviews and critical acclaim and like many fighting games as of late, the dlc’s have been pouring in thick and fast with the likes of Starfire, Red and Hood and Sub-Zero joining the fray. And along with pretty much anything in the superhero ethos, people have their wish lists of who of their favourite characters they want to see and in what capacity they want to see them used and when it comes to this kind of thing you can’t please everything, people have shown their distain with the roster, despite the sheer quality of the game itself and it’s awesome selection of characters. So while we’re on the subject let’s take a look at some of the DC heroes and villains we’d like to see down the line in a future DLC be them new to the series or return from the first entry. SO! Without further a due.

Dick Grayson
I mean sure he was killed at the beginning of the story arc but come one they brought The Joker back didn’t they!? The first boy wonder and the forever ass kicking Nightwing has been a staple in the orldof Detective Comics for over 70 years now and it’s difficult to leave him out of ensemble encounters like the Injustice series, his absence from the second entry was very noticeable indeed, well it as to me anyways. Nightwing’s style of fighting fit perfectly into tone and theme Netherrealm were going for. His addition to Injustice 2 could also open up fantastic ideas for premier skins like his days as Robin, his version of Batman or even his Agent of Spyral persona. And with his recent return to Injustice comic series (SPOILERS, SORRY) as the new Deadman, this could bring a whole new fighting style with his powers from the great beyond and possession.

Arsenal/Speedy/Red Arrow
Because where’s all the love for the sidekicks? As we have all seen the Injustice series has the capacity to get pretty dark, dealing with themes of death,war and invasion and as we all know, Roy Harper AKA Speedy-sidekick to Green Arrow has struggled with heroin addiction in the past (I know right!?!). The being said I feel his two other aliases would suit the game better, especially the multi-talented Arsenal. His fighthing style wouldn’t be all that different to Green Arrow but with added weaponry leaving possibilities plentiful. Roy is also an integral part of the Young Justice TV series which will be returning to our screens next year (aaaaaand life is good again) integrating his part in the series with his presence in the game would be a great idea.

Left out of the Suicide Squad movie!? Left out of Injustice 2!? REALLY!? Slade Wilson’s sword and gun play was a welcome addition to the first Injustice game and though the gun part may have already been covered by Deadshot and Red Hood in the second entry, the villainous Society felt like it was missing someone and that someone as was Deathstroke. From a story stand point I feel Deathstroke could of easily been slotted into the mix as a member of The Society that couldn’t care less about Brainiac’s plot of global destruction but more ‘and what’s in this for me?’

Ra’s Al Ghul
As one of the more tenured villains in the Batman library. The leader of The League of Shadows seems like the type that would be straight up Netherrealm’s ally. A complex fighter, and a skilled assassin, The Demon’s Head would be an addition hat would go a long way. And it leaves you to wonder how his Lazarus pit would come into to play, perhaps as part of a super move or even as a special event in the multiverse including Red Hood.

As the villain in the upcoming Justice League movie, now would be a good time to introduce gamers to one of Darkseid’s right hand men and the power behind one on DC Comics New Gods. An absolute powerhouse, Steppenwolf would prove a challenge in the multiverse and other challenges and would be a blast to destroy the rest of the characters under the players control.

Any of The Watchmen
People often forget that The Watchmen are in fact a DC property and adding one of them to roster would be a great surprise to the fans and an awesome gateway to those unfamiliar. Minutemen members like Dollar Bill and Hooded Justice would bring a deliciously old school feel to the whole operation, but the likes of the brutish Rorschach, the Batman-esque gadgets and fighting style of Nite Owl, the beauty and toughness of Silk Spectre and especially the god like powers of Dr Manhattan would be a great addition to an already great game with each member bringing something amazing to it.

Booster Gold
IT’S TIME TO INTRODUCE THE WORLD TO BOOSTER GOLD!!! The arrogant, flamboyant superstar from the future would be a welcomed contrast to some of the darker characters. And the technology he could bring from his own time would bring an interesting element to his skill set and some of the one liners he would spit befoe each fight would be entertaining to say the least.

John Constantine
In my opinion Justice League Dark is has been one of the best ideas DC has had in the past 10 years. With Zatanna being in the first game as DLC, and adding Swamp Thing in the sequel, adding their leader seems like a logical step. Although not much of a fighter but a guy that uses his quick thinking and intellect, his connections to the other side could produce some impressive offence, this could be amplified with his ability to make his foes feel the damage that he himself has been subdued to could bring something so unique to the series. And to add a taste of Britain would also make the whole comic universe feel a bit more broader and somewhat real.

Jean-Paul Valley AKA Azrael, Assassin for The Sacred Order of St Dumas and for a short time Batman is cold, calculating and to top it all off, an absolute Savage. He would bring a reckless, relentless, visceral style of gameplay that would be an asset to Injustice or actually come to think of it, in the next Mortal Kombat game as a cross over for the MK characters that appear in Injustice but that’s beyond the point (or is it?) and also you couldn’t have his inclusion without having his Batman costume from the Knightfall arc involved.