EA Have Gone one further for FIFA 18. The buck toothed Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho, has been announced as a new addition to the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, along with a storied event line of 3 legends, throughout critical points in their careers known as FUT ICONS Stories.

During a live EA Sports Stream, EA decided to shock the world with the Ronaldinho bombshell. Hot on the heels of the Diego Maradona card reveal, EA just continue to keep surprises up their sleeve. To be used in the FIFA Ultimate team mode, legends will have numerous cards, throughout different stages of their career, where one would assume the different cards represent a new challenge from key moments of their career.

Where will you use the Ronaldinho Card, on the LW perhaps with a sniper, deadeye or maestro card? Or maybe down the centre in a CAM role again with a deadeye, artist or architect attribute boost.

Any other legends you’re eager to be included? Drop a comment down below.

(FIFA 18 Releases on September 29th on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)