Experience fast-paced, gloop-tastic fun in this endless runner designed especially to take advantage of spatial gaming.

 Beyond Studio today unveiled Runaways, the world’s first skill-based endless runner designed especially for the Apple Vision Pro™. The game features fast-paced, frenetic gameplay that adapts to and alters your space as you play. Guide our hero Hank through the treacherous terrain by disarming traps, making split-second decisions, and boosting over gaps as he races through your very own space over dynamically generated tracks.

Get ready to run for your life and break free from the clutches of the Evil Overlord in Runaways! Join Hank, the rebellious hombre with a heart of gold, as he ditches the gloop mines of ExHume 8 and finds himself smack dab in the middle of a tentacle-infested planet. His mission? Find the exit portal before he’s turned into a puddle of gloop or worse! Help Hank hurtle between two portals, dodging deadly traps and making lightning-fast choices to stay ahead of the Overlord’s grasp. But beware – the further you go, the more your room transforms into a gloopy, tentacle-filled mess. What a sticky situation!

Select your challenges via comic books which set up the story, theme and antagonists.

Features of Runaways include:

  • Watch your room come alive as you delve deeper into the perilous planet
  • Easy-to-master controls keep the challenge on track
  • Dynamic track generation ensures a fresh experience every time you play
  • Avoid the Overlord’s tentacles as they reach out from the portal
  • Incredible graphics and animations that will make you grin
  • Failures leave behind sticky reminders in the form of gloop-covered room décor
  • Stay tuned for exciting updates, including new tracks, stories, social events, and themes!

Runaways is expected to launch soon on the Apple Vision Pro. For more information, visit Runaways.fun.