FitXR have brought BOXVR to Early Access for the Oculus Rift, aiming to help you get fighting fit this year.

BOXVR is a rhythm based fitness game which brings high intensity boxing workouts into virtual reality. It’s the only VR fitness title which features regularly updated workouts that are designed by professional fitness instructors. Key features include:

  • WORKOUT – Five leading fitness instructors from the world of studio fitness who produce regularly updated calorie busting boxing workouts.
  • TRAIN – Algorithmic boxing workouts generated on the fly to music uploaded by the player.
  • SURVIVE – A challenging endurance mode pits players against an endless runner!

Five instructors were handpicked from the London studio fitness scene work in tandem with the developers at FitXR to create regular updates for the game. Sameer Baroova, co-founder of FitXR stated:

Since we initially launched BOXVR in June last year, it’s been our intention to bring the entire at-home workout experience to Oculus. We’re really pleased to be able to start the year with this announcement, and it will only be the first of many things to come for us and our community in the near future

The game will go live at 6pm tonight and can be found here. Be sure to let us know if you will be getting fit with BOXVR via the comment section below.