If you’ve ever wanted to transform your face into one of Candy Crush’s iconic candies, well now you can thanks to the game itself and Facebook’s augmented reality feature!

This awesome new feature is available today for all Facebook users and allows players and selfie fans to get #thatsweetfeeling and experience the game in a new and immersive way. You can access the Augmented Reality feature on Facebook here.

Whilst in the feature, the aim is to catch candies of the same colour in the player’s mouth as they are thrown in from the bottom of the screen. Every time you are successful, your face will expand. When four matching treats have been eaten, your face will then transform into one of the candies itself, then transforming into a colourbomb for five candies. It will get more difficult as you progress through the rounds, with candies moving faster around the screen each time. You’ll be able to access this by swiping right on the timeline, tap the wand icon and then click on the Candy Crush icon in the camera tray. Speaking about this new feature, Richard Hocking, VP, Performance Marketing, King commented:

We’re thrilled to work with Biborg and Facebook on the Candy Crush camera effect using AR Studio. This special augmented reality experience allows fans of the game to experience Candy Crush in a more immersive way than ever before. We think our players will have a lot of fun being transformed into candies and competing with their friends for the highest score.

Leo Olebe, Global Director, Games Partnerships at Facebook also added:

AR Studio makes it possible to bring our favorite game experiences into the real world, and King has delivered on this by adding Candy Crush elements that not only look amazing but are also fun to play. King has built one of the most passionate communities of players in the world thanks to Candy Crush, and its AR Studio experience provides a new, interactive way for fans to celebrate with (and outscore) each other.

Are you looking forward to becoming one of your favourite candies with this Augmented Reality feature via Facebook? Let us know in the comment section below.