Horror and Virtual Reality go hand in hand. Resident Evil 7 is one of the scariest gaming experiences I have had in my whole life thanks to the PlayStation VR. We now have a new Sci-Fi horror game coming thanks to Firesprite, and it’s called The Persistence.

The Persistence is going to be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PSVR, with an official plot description stating the following:

Set on board a deep space scientific vessel called The Persistence in the year 2521, the ship arrives at the site of a collapsing star 17,000 light years from earth. While conducting a major experiment, a horrific incident occurs mutating many of the crew. As The Persistence is pulled into the gravity of the collapsing star, the ship’s computer, ‘IRIS’ wakes remaining members of the crew from cryogenic sleep – one at a time. Can you stay alive long enough to get to the engine room and save The Persistence?

Each time you die and a new character is awoken, the game will play completely different dye to it being procedurally generated. The only thing that remains is the items you had in your previous life, so make sure that you save your items well. Commented Lead Designer, Alex Moore was excited about The Persistence, stating:

Stealth Horror is a perfect match for VR. Not only for the sense of presence that virtual reality brings, but also for the natural control head tracking offers. Sneaking around and hiding behind cover; it’s second nature in VR to just lean round or peek over cover to gain the advantage,

There will also be a companion app available, where you and up to three friends on their tablets can take control over many areas of the game, from the ability to control doors, distract enemies, disable traps, and even to find hidden items for the VR player to scavenge.

Does The Persistence a game you will be purchasing upon release, are you a sucker for punishment?!?! Take a look at the trailer and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.