Survive the Scourge of the Cursed Sands in Azoove, a Co-op Only Roguelite Card Game

Azoove, the co-op roguelite card game about surviving a journey through cursed desert dunes from developer Timeless Toucan, dares duos to persist through disaster and dismay on Windows, Mac, and Linux (compatible with Steam Deck) via Steam Early Access now!

Team up with an adventurous companion in online co-op on a life-changing expedition to return a book to break a curse. Persevere throughout the trek in the form of Opportunities and trigger Hero Powers to sway the odds, manage rations, and maintain mental health. Beware the fiend Ur’gan, who throws new disasters at the adventurers each day, placing the unprepared in peril.

Inspired by classic tabletop games, half of each round, the duo must face the danger in silence with no communication, so take care and make each move with caution. Develop an intuition for what the other person needs and how they play so that each run boasts the best chance of success.  

Choose from four heroes with distinct powers: Sage, who can conjure rations, Rin’s group healing power, Auri’s ability to reduce despair, and Oriana who can give herself a Blessing that can improve a card at the right moment. Earn progress with each attempt, unlocking new deck options and harder difficulties for maximum replayability.

Azoove combines my love of tabletop gaming with the possibilities that come with deckbuilders,” said Daniel Milo, founder of Timeless Toucan. “Those who play Azoove in Early Access will help shape the game’s future, including the Nintendo Switch version and a potential tabletop incarnation that you may get to demo at events!”

Azoove is available now for $12.99 with a 10% launch discount for Windows, Mac, and Linux (with Steam Deck compatibility) via Steam Early Access. Pick up a two-copy bundle at a discount, and the soundtrack also available today. A Nintendo Switch version is also planned once Early Access ends.

You can watch the Early Access announcement trailer here: