Forty-Niner, Wild West Survival RPG, Saddles Up for PC Launch in 2025 with Demo Coming This Autumn!

Forty-Niner, the open-world Wild West survival game with terrain destruction and settlement building developed and published by VowelA, sets out to explore the great outdoors on PC via Steam in early 2025, with a playable demo coming later this year. A PlayStation 5 version will follow the PC launch. 

Embark on a grand expedition set during the 1849 Gold Rush. Survival meets sandbox in a lively, ever-changing world, delivering a one-of-a-kind Western experience. Experience freedom as a pioneer, setting out into a massive world to strike it rich mining, build a homestead, or adventure through dense wilderness, alone or with friends in online multiplayer.

Play as either a member of the Cowboy or Native American factions, each with specialized subclasses like farmers, sheriffs, chiefs, and more. Unlock and master a variety of skills and carve out a life in the procedural open world. Mine through destructible terrain to tap into the earth’s riches, hunt wild game for food and leather, or become a tycoon of commerce by trading with NPCs in settlements.

Establish a place to call home with deep, modular building mechanics. Collect resources and materials to fortify a base of operations and craft new weapons, gear, and tools between adventures and quests. Prepare for anything and everything in a dynamic and ever-changing world, including bandit attacks, apex predators, and showdowns with Colt-wielding gunslingers.

Forty-Niner’s emphasis on freedom encourages exploration. Traverse expansive biomes like lush forests, muddy swamplands, or frigid ice on foot or horseback, each with different inhabitants and potential resources. Pan for gold in shallow streams, establish a farm in a wind-swept meadow, or clear-cut through a forest in hopes of bringing the trains to the frontier – each action leaves a lasting mark on the game world.

“As massive fans of open-world survival and crafting games, we’re staking our claim in the genre today with Forty-Niner,” said Stanislav Kryvenko, CEO of VowelA Games. “The Wild West setting provides a wealth of unique elements that really shine in a survival game, and we’re looking forward to letting players experience life on the frontier with our playable demo later this year!”

You can watch the trailer here:

Forty-Niner will launch on PC via Steam Early Access in early 2025 with English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese-language support. A PlayStation 5 version is planned following the PC launch. For more information, visit its official website, follow @fortyninergame on Twitter/X, join the official Discord server, and wishlist it now!