Parkour into Co-Op Action with Robin Hood in Sherwood Extreme

Sherwood Extreme, the arcade crossbow shooter with bullet bolt-time and ridiculous co-op action from a former Sony Santa Monica developer now leading CAGE Studios, flip-dives into 1.0 on PC via Steam on Monday, April 29, 2024, with the addition of a new Level Editor. 

Sherwood Extreme 1.0 adds a brand new Level Editor and finally brings back the fan-favorite Chicken Jetpack. Challenge friends and fellow community members by crafting creative maps in the world of Sherwood and see who can finish each course with the high score.

The Kingdom of Sherwood is besieged by a horde of menacing goblins. Only the legendary Robin Hood has the sharpshooting prowess and undeniable style to stop them in their tracks. Jump, flip, and dive through treelines, castles, and even active volcanoes to sink slow-mo headshots into perilous foes alone, or with a friend in co-op. Discover treasure, unlock new gear and skins, stack sick combos, and speedrun to the top of the leaderboards.

You can watch the release trailer here: