Prepare to storm the beaches and deserts with brand-new tutorials…

Get your spot on the couch and get ready to liberate Italy or storm the deserts of North Africa with Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition’s dual campaigns. With controls adapted specifically for consoles, commanding your armies has never been easier.

Built for gamepads, Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition puts control of the battlefield in your hands with all new features designed to help you achieve ultimate victory in war or while battling other players in PvP. The new Command Wheel empowers you to quickly issue commands to your soldiers, allowing quick manoeuvres and strategies. If the combat gets too heavy, use Full Tactical Pause in single player modes to freeze the action, allowing players to breathe, re-examine the battle plan, issue new orders, and watch the action unfold.

And if you need a little time in basic training, Commander and community content creator MoiDawg will get you combat-ready with basic training videos covering the HUD, Navigating the Command Wheel, Full Tactical Pause Overview, How to Navigate the Map, and tips and tricks to bring your strategy and execution to the next level.

Relic Entertainment and SEGA are excited to announce that Company of Heroes 3 is now officially available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X!

You can watch the official Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition launch trailer here: