Shattered Heaven, the strategic roguelike with card game-style combat and role-playing mechanics from Daymare 1994: Sandcastle publisher Leonardo Interactive and Dry Drowning developer Leonardo Productions, debuts on Steam Early Access Wednesday, May 31, 2023. 

A challenging mix of genres and gameplay styles, Shattered Heaven features a deep narrative bolstered by mature and inclusive themes set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting where four factions fight for survival by offering a vestal as a sacrifice to perform a bloody and cruel ritual known as the War of Ascension. Lead a team of three characters on a journey through complex, multi-level dungeons and customize their cards and abilities before facing terrifying enemy encounters.

Manage resources and character development systems to create a fully customizable party capable of overcoming foes in each procedurally generated dungeon. Master tactical RPG battles by carefully drafting skill and ability cards for each party member that create dynamic synergies. Claim powerful loot and rewards, utilize a robust crafting system to create useful items, and prepare for battles against challenging bosses deep in each dungeon. 

Uncover choice-based events that lead to branching storylines and far-reaching consequences. A single decision may shape not just the fate of the adventuring party but the entire world. Encounter different events over subsequent runs to learn more about the world’s twisted history and reveal complex lore, memorable characters, and more.

Throughout Early Access, the Shattered Heaven development team will seek community feedback to help shape the game. Frequent updates, including new game modes, features, and regular improvement patches, are also planned throughout Early Access.

Shattered Heaven launches on PC via Steam Early Access on Wednesday, May 31, 2023. For more information, visit the official website, and wishlist Shattered Heaven on Steam.