For fans of Bungie’s 2014 answer to Halo, Destiny. The Destiny 2 Early Access Beta promised to gamers who pre-order is now live on the PS4, and due to follow suit on the Xbox One later today.

Beta codes can be redeemed on the Bungie website, although fans will have to set up a new account first.

“Go to and follow the instructions on the page,” reads a Bungie FAQ. “You will be required to log in with a valid account, verify your accessible email address, and enter your Destiny 2 Beta redemption code.

“At a later date, you will be contacted via your verified email address when you can return to the site and retrieve your Destiny 2 Beta download code. Codes may only be redeemed once, and redemption cannot be transferred or recovered to another account.”Fans who pre-ordered from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store or Blizzard Shop will automatically receive beta access.

Fans will be able to check out the opening story mission and a co-operative Strike, as well as two Crucible maps and modes. This includes a brand new game mode called Countdown, as well as the classic Control mode.

The new social hub in Destiny 2 known as “The Farm” will encourage gamers to interact with other guardians, check/collect gear, and monitor social inboxes for new requests and messages, and if that wasn’t enough for all you Destiny fans, Bungie are even throwing in a football pitch packed with goal posts and a scoreboard for good measure, for all those poor, worn out souls, who are all gunned out from the manic shoot outs.

Bungie has also said that while fans don’t need an Xbox Live or PS Plus subscription to play the story mission, they are needed for other content.

“In the D2 Beta, the Homecoming story mission will be open to all,” reads a Bungie post. “The Strike and Crucible will require PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold.”

Emblems unlocked during the beta will be carried over to the main game, upon it’s September 6th release window for the PS4 and Xbox One. PC gamers will have to wait that little bit longer, as Destiny 2 releases late October.

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