The Sims 4 has only been available for PC and Mac owners….but that is all about to change as EA and Maxis have revealed that it will be coming to consoles this November.

You’ll be able to start your life simulation on consoles when it hits the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 17th.

It will deliver the same emotional connection our PC players cherish to a new wave of console players. Fans will enjoy being empowered to create and control people in a vibrant virtual world as they experience life’s unpredictable, entertaining moments along the way. Speaking about The Sims 4 coming to consoles, Executive Producer, Lyndsay Pearson stated:

The addition of a console-version of The Sims 4 has been long-awaited by fans and newcomers alike, and we at Maxis are beyond excited to bring The Sims to new platforms. The game delivers a beautiful The Sims experience on console and comes packed with tons of the fan-favourite content, so players can look forward to the unique gameplay, self-expression, and fun that have come to be tentpoles of The Sims brand. The possibilities to play with life are as endless as the players’ creativity.

Will you be diving in to The Sims 4 on console this November?  Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.