There are some fantastic Loot Crate’s available, and this new announcement may be just the best one yet as Loot Crate and Bethesda come together to announce the pre-order availability of its bi-monthly Fallout Crate.

The first bi-monthly mystery crates theme is Vault-Tec, celebrating the experience and experiments of everyday vault living beneath the Wasteland. 4-6 exclusively licensed items across apparel, gear and other collectable, coming together to make the value over £50 will be included, featuring iconic companions and other items from the Fallout video game series.

It will feature an exclusive figure line based on companions from the game; the first is FAWKES from Fallout 3. Further sweetening the deal, each crate will feature pieces of a power armor set that builds from crate to crate. If you pre-order for a year subscription, you’ll get the mini-nuke USB hub.

These fantastic Loot Crates will be starting to ship on a bi-monthly basis from December. Take a look at the trailer and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.