The summer has finally arrived in mobile game Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia with some fantastic new promotions.

These new promotions let fans take on new quests, obtain login bonuses, and much more. The summer festival will run through until September 3rd, with players getting the following bonus content:

  • Login Bonuses – Players will be treated to generous rewards simply by logging in daily, including Draw Tickets, Higher Power Orbs, Dissidia Points, and more.
  • Summer Draws – The first Multi Draw from two special draws will be free to all players. The first special draw is currently available, and the second will start from 20th August.
  • Limited-Time Summer Co-Op Quests – Players can participate in weekly co-op quests with community score challenges and obtain Summer Medals, which may be exchanged for fabulous rewards like 4-star Artifacts, Power Stones, and more.
  • Summer Moogle Stamps – Players can obtain and use exclusive stamps in co-op mode during the Summer Festival.

What do you think of these summer promotions? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.