Zodiac Interactive have today announced three new titles whilst also confirming the line-up that they’ll be taking to Gamescom 2018 this month.

The games, including the new announcements that they will be taking to Gamescom (August 21st – 25th) include:

*NEW* Tale of the Ice Staff (Nintendo Switch)
Embark on a stunning magical journey with Yersa and her companion Nick in this single-player 2D action RPG. Shape the course of the engrossing storyline, explore new lands, meet interesting characters, and uncover secrets about the mysterious world. But be cautious! Dark forces are trying to keep you from the truth. This gem by Kurimi Gaming combines its nostalgic pixelated style with state-of-the-art game mechanics.

*NEW* Ancient Abyss (PC on Steam)
This dark and mysterious Rogue-Zelda-like RPG takes place across multiple layers of a randomly-generated maze, which ultimately leads you to the bottom of the abyss where secrets, mysteries, and dark forces await you. 

*NEW* Bacterium (PC on Steam)
Wage war with unlikely enemies on a microscopic level. As the natural environment continues to deteriorate, modern technology can’t keep up with rampant epidemics. Join the medicinal arms race by controlling the microscopic Nano Core Robot to obliterate the viruses before they take hold.
Feeling under the weather?

Tales of the Neon Sea (PC on Steam, Consoles)
This single-player cyberpunk adventure RPG by Chinese developer Palm Pioneer mesmerizes with its pixelated cityscape and intriguing atmosphere. Enter into a world of suspicion where humans and robots collide and gangster felines scheme their way to the top of the food chain. Sharp wits and even sharper puzzle-solving skills are essential to navigate the game’s unique storyline.

Big Day (PC on Steam) 
Satisfy those zombie apocalypse cravings with this bloody pixel-art action RPG that takes place amid Earth’s desolate ruins as a result of a devastating zombie outbreak. In addition to uncovering the truth behind the outbreak and finding your daughter, unleash your urge for vengeance and blast some zombie butts! It’s infectious!

Are you attending Gamescom this month? Be sure to tell us if you’ll be be checking out Zodiac’s latest titles via the comment section below.