Ever thought to yourself when watching a game of televised football, that perhaps Pep Guardiola should have subbed Yaya all gassed out Toure, or maybe Zlatan Ibrahimovic should be subbed in for Romelu can’t seem to score a goal Lukaku?

Well with dugout-online, now you can. Manage in any country worldwide, compete against other players in structured league formats to become the best local team, qualify for challenge/champions cup competitions and declare your side the best on the game. Gain a reputation for yourself and have a go at leading your national team to glory in world cup competition every couple of seasons.

Scout out talent on the transfer market, perhaps you’ll unearth the next Neymar?

Customise tactics and formations on the tactical strategy user interface, key instructions lead to game-changing moments.

Use your management, trading and tactical skills to the best of your ability if you want to stand a chance amongst thousands of other managers from all over the world. The game is actually never-ending, so all the data is passed from the season to the season. If for example, you win a title in some lower division, your club gets promoted to a higher one, if you win a cup then you’ll be defending the title next season and so on.

Maybe you’re pissed off at a match engine/referee decision, well, vent it out on the forums. Community’s from every corner of the globe, socialise and mix, discussing all things dugout related and more.

Although the game is completely free to play, there is an optional “premium account.” For a small fee, used to help maintain the servers, users will receive several game-enhancing benefits, including a training analyzer, more in-depth analysis of opponents tactics, and numerous other features.

If, like me, you’re a fan of football, then give this game a go. It’s rewarding and insightful to pit your tactical skills against others.

My club is Atletico De Madrid

Manager: SSLazio

League: England’s Premiership Division

Feel free to hit me up on the game to seek any advise. www.dugout-online.com