Tower Defense just got insanely fun!

A lush open world focused on an intense single or multiplayer adrenaline-fueled fight to the death. Today I look at Eden Rising: Supremacy in its infant stage. A full release is scheduled for the end of 2018, and the product gamers can play as of this moment is of one showing plenty of potential with more updates and polish to come.

Eden Rising: Supremacy is about a displaced human being forced to make a pact with the Crucibles on this new world to survive. The Crucibles are ancient machines that suffer attacks from the local (unfriendly) wildlife, and which promise you godlike power if you successfully awaken and defend them all.

Whilst the Crucibles are indeed the sacred pillars that require safeguarding, it’s not just a case of a constant wave after wave of enemy A.I assaulting these towers. The open-world environment is free to explore, gathering resources and materials to craft new weapons, gear, to help level up and enjoy.

As you can imagine defeating waves of A.I can prove challenging if not correctly prepared for the onslaught. The crucibles tower defence sequence system greatly increasing in difficulty as more are successfully defended. It is here that your open-world adventuring shenanigans pay-off. All those local flora’s and faunas gathered throughout the gorgeous level designs bolster the odds of kicking those disobedient invaders right back to planet pain in the ass! As the materials continue to construct tower defence builds of much tougher endurance, with better defence mechanisms.

As you move on to activating other crucibles the system rewards you neatly. A progression reward arrangement provides stronger resources to gather also offering new and further techniques in fending off the lifeforms from another planet. (My personal favourite has to be this bad boy below)


Eden Rising: Supremacy is a vibrant, perilous world, offering plenty of exploration, questing, and frankly ridiculous amount of resources (In a fantastically ridiculous way). I noticed some bugs with combat mechanics and load times can be painful. Character customization was at a minimal level of design, but all these issues should be ironed out for the full launch, which does not take away from a game in it’s youngest moments of showcasing.

The game can be hosted on private and public servers, giving players the opportunity to play co-operatively with friends and alter the number of gamers on the server. Naturally, this affects the difficulty factors, teaming up may seem like the obvious way to easily overcome the games many hurdles. The game just makes those hurdles even greater to overcome.

To summarise Eden Rising: Supremacy has time on its side to realize its rise to the top. The vast world of Eden is enjoyable to explore and bring’s with it a unique open-world tower defence game that has all the makings of a title that should be around for the long haul.

Eden-rising can be downloaded from the steam store, feel free to check out for more on the game. (Check out the trailer below)