FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team Of The Season has been unveiled, and I’m drooling already!

The best players from each respective top-tier European league are now available in packs and via a TOTS ultimate sbc challenge. As FIFA 18 draws to a close and the build-up for the next edition (FIFA19) rises. EA has unleashed these beastly cards onto the market once again for players to have a shot at adding into their custom made FIFA teams.

The first 11 squad contains four Premier league stars, five La Liga powerhouses, and one of each from the Calcio and Bundesliga divisions.

Standout players are obviously Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, De Gea and Liverpool’s Mo Salah.

As expected Ronaldo trumps all other rivals with his card rating of 99 making him the best ST in the game. Impressively Mo Salah’s rating of 98 and overall in game-stats make his card more balanced then Argentina’s little genius Lionel Messi. Further down the spectrum, you have the likes of PSG’s 96 rated Edison Cavani offering the perfect target man option for those of you who like a strong, beefy aerial beast. One to watch at this summer’s world cup the 94 rated James Rodriguez is also amongst the mix after impressing on loan at Bayern Munich this season, along with Manchester City’s 96 rated Belgium player Kevin De Bruyne. Expect gamers to blast in screamers from all of 30 yards and more with the problematic long shot quality both will possess.

As the market cools down on inflated prices and world cup fever reaches high time. Now will be as good a time as ever to try out the best cards in FIFA 18 Ultimate team.

For those of you wondering about the sbc challenge. The minimum requirements are a rated 83 team consisting of two lesser tots players. This rewards a guaranteed ultimate team of the season player who is untradable.