After two days of pure sleep I was ready to type about my time at EGX, So in no particular order, here are the games I am looking forward to and or recommend checking out and or getting. comprende?


From the creator of Big Pharma comes a brand new economic simulation game, Where you build and manage your very own Aquarium. After realising I had been playing for nearly thirty minutes I thought it polite to let someone else have a go, only to soon regret my decision and return the next day to play for the best part of an hour, With a great sound track, easy controls and more management decisions than you can flip a fish at megaquarium will be taking my time and money when its released.


Bomber Crew

Bomber Crew is a strategic survival sim in which the player must recruit, train and guide the crew of their own WW2 bomber to victory – or say goodbye to them forever. As soon as I saw the Bomber customization screen along with some machine gun fire I had to play some Bomber crew, With a large range of engines, Armours, machine guns, crew equipment, and an FTL feel once you are in the air, Bomber Crew is A turbulent combat management flight sim with prema-death. I for one am looking forward to my next set of pre-flight checks.


Production line

I’m a fan of automation and management having a lot of fun in games like Factorio, Factory based Minecraft mods and setting repeat build orders on supreme commander with the rally points in my opponents base E.c.t, So if the name hasn’t already gave it away I knew I was going to enjoy production line before I even sat down to play. Production line sees you design a factory creating automobiles (Although I did overhear that the game isn’t called car factory so you might to able to produce “other” things “Might”) I named my first Sedan a Sedaniel and only sold them in yellow and orange and they practically drove out the show room themselves Although I did take out three loans to get my production high enough to meet the demand. It was alot of fun and I will be driving that early access orange Sedaniel once I have past my test.


Shooty Fruity

Do your job whilst shooting guns to defend your store from an onslaught of mutant fruit!

I finally tried some VR at this years EGX and wow, I have been trying to explain the experience to my family since playing and words do indeed fail me. I was basically dropped into a check out job and instead of the challenge been pretending to care about the fruit a stranger was buying and acting as if it was not the 100th time someone thought the weather was a good topic for conversation, I had to worry about mutant fruit coming to break my checkout while scanning items so I could unlock for powerful weapons to help defeat aforementioned mutant fruit and it was a fantastic experience. Here is the Steam Page.



Switch>Blade is the vehicle based MOBA I didn’t know I wanted. After being handed a promo card with details of one of the drivable vehicles I headed straight to the stand and had a game.

My card and the vehicle I played as the most was the fortress an offensive powerhouse with a super ability (Ultimate) that allowed it to hunker down and become a turret of doom for a few moments I enjoyed it a lot, as MOBAs go it handled very differently and the Switch in Switch>blade is the ability to change vehicle on the fly after a short channel time. Anyone that plays MOBAs would understand that changing hero in game sounds like a big deal and it is.

Tracks – The Train Set Game

Build the train sets of your childhood dreams with an easy-to-use editor. Tracks was a pleasant change of pace at EGX as I basically played trains like I would have about 17 years ago making a track around the house while dropping off passages (Little wooden pegs) at stations made of books random toys. And it was a real blast from the past even if I did derail a few times.


The Grand Mission

Imagine Blackadder as written by Jules Verne and set in outer space, The grand mission caught my eye once again giving me FTL vibes and I was not disappointed. On a quest to set up a trade route for the all important resource that is tea you will be moving your crew about and tweaking the thrusters as to avoid asteroids while managing shields and cannons if the situation calls for it. With the build I played been a fraction of the planned product this is one to watch. I also got some real tea ,cheers!

And as well as getting to play these great games I spoke to the great developers and passionate individuals that make these project with sweat ,tears and 01100011 01101111 01100100 01100101. A great time was had by all.